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the future of payments today

digital ecosystem

We synthesize the stability of traditional finance with the transparency and security of blockchain technology

.01our mission at cross finance

Eliminate financial isolation and expand the influence and presence of blockchain in the global financial system.

About us
Payment tools for daily cryptocurrency use alongside fiat. A new approach to financial technologies: full-fledged functional banking without intermediaries in traditional services.
Thanks to its modular architecture, CrossFi Chain is a highly scalable decentralized network. Direct interaction and integration with traditional banking systems.
A fully EVM-compatible smart contract system, SDK, and tools for creating tokens, applications, and projects. Grant programs and hackathons for talent discovery.
.02ecosystem products

CrossFi Chain is the core of the Cross Finance ecosystem with unlimited scalability.

  • Up to 1 million operations per second
  • Interoperability
  • Simple and intuitive tools to use
  • A comfortable environment for developers

Online Web 3 banking combines fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Issuance of virtual and physical cards of Visa
  • Non-custodial solution for payments and purchases for cryptocurrency, including linking Visa cards
  • Cross-border transfers (SWIFT,IBAN)
  • P2P transfers by card number
  • Currency exchange in the App at profitable rates
  • Multi-currency cards with the possibility of linking to one of the selected currencies

A multi-purpose DeFi application for the CrossFi ecosystem.

  • Explore DeFi strategies
  • Get XFI and XUSD from any chain
  • Swap and provide liquidity via CrossFi AMM
  • Yield farming

A non-profit self-regulating organization, whose main goal is the development and scaling of the Cross Finance ecosystem.

  • Campaigns to attract users and influencers
  • Grant programs and hackathons for developers
  • Integration of new projects and products into the ecosystem
.03crossFi technology

The products of the Cross Finance ecosystem and the mechanisms of their interactions create the CrossFi technology.

It expands the influence of blockchain and gives users the opportunity to use clear and accessible financial instruments every day anywhere in the world.

Why is CrossFi technology unique?

CrossFi is a technology that expands the influence of blockchain and gives users the opportunity to use clear and accessible financial instruments every day anywhere in the world. CrossFi App is the first combination of financial services and functions of full-fledged banking, debit cards, a non-custodial model of mutual settlements and the absence of intermediaries in traditional financial services on the crypto market.

  • cross-border transactions without the intervention of Western financial institutions,
  • tokenization of banking services and loyalty programs,
  • fully integrated acquiring solutions using payment cards, POS terminals and self-service terminals.
  • provision of ready-made electronic payment instruments, as well as a processing network of ATMs, trading terminals and e-commerce.
How is CrossFi security ensured?
  • Cross Chain is a blockchain that has a modular Tendermint architecture. The Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus protocol is secure and eliminates fraud, since the Tendermint algorithm will automatically block nodes that transmit incorrect information during validation.
  • The security and legality of XFI has been verified by Singapore's largest and oldest law firm.
  • Listing XFI on one of the most high-performance crypto exchanges MEXC, one of the largest crypto exchanges Huobi.
  • CrossFi App has been certified for compliance with the international PCI DSS security standard. This means that all customer payment data will be securely protected.
What ensures the liquidity of XFI?

The main task of the CrossFi team is to create a liquidity flow, develop and implement financial products where the coin will be used every day.

  • The XFI coin opens access to all services of the EVM part of the blockchain and is used as payment for commissions. In the EVM part, there is the possibility of creating tokens, an account abstraction function, the possibility of anonymous payments, cross-chain transfers, multisig, console service, new DeFi products.
  • XFI acts as the main means of payment in the CrossFi App.
  • 15% of the MPX coin sales are allocated to the XFI liquidity pool. You can find details in CrossFi Docs.
How do I start using the CrossFi App?
  • Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Register by phone number.
  • Pass KYC.
  • Choose an access plan.
  • Open an account in one of the suggested currencies.
  • You can use it!
How can I order the CrossFi card?
  • Register in the CrossFi App by phone number
  • Pass KYC identity verification
  • Open an account in one of the suggested currencies - it's free
  • Select the card type and tariff in the application.