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CrossFi Chain Testnet
How to obtain a grant for developers? 5 tips from the CrossFi team

On March 11th, the CrossFi team announced the launch of the second initiative for developers as part of the CrossFi Chain EVM Testnet program. This initiative aims to empower developers with a robust and developer-friendly environment to build, test, and deploy DApps with ease.

The developer initiative has its own advantages:

Applying as a developer to the CrossFi grant program provides a unique opportunity to receive funding, access resources, collaborate with experts, gain exposure, and contribute to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. It is a chance to accelerate your project’s development and make a meaningful impact in the decentralized finance space.

Stages of the application process

We are seeking developers with innovative project proposals that have the potential to make a significant impact in the blockchain ecosystem. Your project should demonstrate creativity, uniqueness, and a clear vision of how it will leverage the capabilities of the CrossFi Chain:

The application process includes the following stages:

5 Onboarding Criteria for the Developers

There are five key tips to help you understand what information we require in the application to make a decision.

1. Detailed description of the project that reflects its mission and the problems it addresses

Mission and vision: clearly articulate the mission and vision of your project. What problem does it seek to solve, and what impact do you envision it having in the blockchain space?

Problem statement: identify and elaborate on the specific problems your project aims to address. Provide a comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced by the blockchain industry or a particular sector within it. Clearly articulate how your project will contribute to solving these problems and the benefits it will bring to users, businesses, or society as a whole.

Unique value proposition: highlight the unique value proposition of your project. What sets it apart from existing solutions or approaches? Explain the innovative aspects, novel features, or technological advancements that make your project stand out.

Technical approach: provide a detailed overview of the technical approach you will employ to develop and implement your project. Describe the architectural design, smart contract development strategies, and any other technical components that are crucial to the success of your solution.

Target audience and stakeholders: clearly define the target audience and stakeholders of your project. Who will benefit from your solution, and how will it positively impact their lives or operations? Identify the key user groups, businesses, or industries that will be involved, and explain how your project addresses their specific needs and pain points.

Scalability and future potential: discuss the scalability of your project and its potential for future growth. Outline how you plan to handle increased user adoption, transaction volume, and data storage requirements.

2. Providing full technical information about the project

Architecture and design: describe the overall architecture and design of your project. Explain how different components, modules, and layers interact with each other. Provide a clear overview of the system’s structure, including the frontend, backend, and any additional infrastructure components.

Smart contract development: elaborate on the smart contracts you plan to develop for your project. Specify the functionalities, data structures, and logic that will be implemented in the smart contracts. Outline the key interactions and transactions that will take place on the CrossFi Chain EVM Testnet.

Technology stack: provide a comprehensive overview of the technology stack you intend to use in your project. List the programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools that will be employed. Explain how these technologies will enable the desired functionalities and optimize the performance of your project.

Integration and interoperability: if your project involves integration with external systems or protocols, describe the integration approach and the protocols or APIs that will be utilized. Highlight any interoperability features that will enable seamless communication and data exchange with other blockchain networks or platforms.

3. Providing access to Beta version or video demo of your project

Beta version access: if you have developed a working beta version of your project, provide access to the evaluators. This allows them to interact with your project, explore its features, and experience its functionality.

Video demo: in case a beta version is not available or practical to provide, create a comprehensive video demo of your project. The video should demonstrate the key features and functionalities of your project, showcasing its usability and value proposition. Walk the evaluators through the user interface, demonstrate the interactions, and highlight the innovative aspects of your solution.

4. Description of the competitive environment and analysis of advantages that competitors do not have

Conduct a comparative analysis between your project and the competitors identified. Highlight the key features, functionalities, or innovations that differentiate your project from others in the market. Focus on the aspects that provide a competitive edge and set your project apart.

5. Full description of the team involved in the development and promotion of the project, reflecting relevant experience of the participants and job positions

Provide an overview of the individuals who form your development team. Include their names, roles, and job positions within the project. Highlight the key team members responsible for technical development, project management, design, marketing, and any other relevant areas. Present a clear organizational structure that showcases the collective efforts of the team. Describe the relevant experience of each team member, emphasizing their expertise and achievements in fields directly related to the project.

By following all rules, you increase your chances of getting approval for your application. If you have any questions, please contact our support team on Discord.

Learn more about Testnet initiative for developers on CoinList:

Submit an application form to participate in Testnet initiative for developers:

Visit CrossFi Foundation to learn more about grant initiatives:


Thank you for your interest in the Cross Finance ecosystem. Good luck!


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