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How Can XFI Be Used?
Uruba Niazi

VP of Marketing - Content

14 May 2024
5 min read

This blog will detail all the practical ways you can use the XFI coin daily.

XFI, a liquid asset, opens access to all products and services of the EVM part of CrossFi Chain, CrossFi App, and xApp. Its utility fuels its demand, while its limited emission is designed to increase its price over time. This blog will detail all the practical ways you can use the XFI coin daily. 

XFI Emission Model

The Cross Finance team aims to boost the value and demand for their XFI token by leveraging its utility features and managing its supply through an emission algorithm restricting its available tokens. Here’s how the plan to achieve this:

  1. Limited Emission of XFI: The total amount of XFI tokens that can be emitted is capped, which inherently limits supply.  
  2. Decreasing Emission Rate: Over time, the rate at which XFI tokens are emitted decreases, further constraining the supply.
  3. Impact of New MPX Holders: Each new MPX holder’s entry not only boosts demand but also constricts the available supply of XFI, pushing its value up.
  4. Token Burn via Transaction Fees: In the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) segment of the CrossFi Chain, XFI tokens used to pay transaction fees will be burned. Burning the base commission effectively reduces the total circulating supply of XFI.

The technical setup of the XFI emission model is designed to gradually increase demand while decreasing supply, thereby creating a shortage likely to drive the token’s value up over time. This strategy reflects a thoughtful approach to enhancing the token’s long-term viability and value.

XFI Use in the CrossFi App

The CrossFi App marks a significant innovation in digital banking by integrating traditional finance features with cryptocurrency’s flexibility. It is a holistic banking solution tailored for those without bank accounts and those already banked. XFI plays a pivotal role in the CrossFi app. 

  • Payment Settlement: XFI tokens are utilized to complete payment transactions, streamlining the process within its network.
  • Top-Up Functionality: Users can conveniently top up their card’s balance using XFI, enhancing the ease of transactions.
  • Maintaining Custody: Unlike traditional banking systems, CrossFi enables users to retain custody of their funds within their non-custodial wallet. 

We are in the final stage of testing and launching soon. Stay tuned!

XFI Use in the CrossFi xAPP

The xAPP is a crucial element within the CrossFi ecosystem, leveraging cross-chain blockchain technology to enhance the financial experience seamlessly. This app incorporates a suite of DeFi functionalities, allowing users to perform token swaps, bridge assets across multiple chains, and acquire native CrossFi tokens such as XFI and XUSD. 

  • Earn passive or active income by staking XFI in the xAPP.
  • The Escrow XFI staking feature is designed to offer users an additional percentage boost in their rewards, incentivizing longer-term commitment and providing enhanced yield opportunities.

Access the CrossFi xAPP here:

XFI Use in the CrossFi Chain

XFI is the primary gas and utility coin for the CrossFi chain and ecosystem. The emission of the XFI coins on the CrossFi chain is designed for 20 years and has five stages. It is the payment method for all apps, Dapps, and other solutions that will be built on the CrossFi Chain.

XFI Use in Bingo Ringo

BingoRingo is an exciting game based on the sectored spinner principle. The game features a spinning wheel with winning or empty sectors. You can pay in XFI to participate in the game. Before the game starts, all the prizes are already distributed among sectors, and all participants know which prizes are in which sectors. Participants get a seat around the spinning wheel and then bet on the number of spins in each gameplay. Individual spin bets are summed up together to determine the total spin – how many sectors and in which direction the wheel will spin. After each gameplay all players get their payout based on their winnings which is published in the spin table. Each player gets a free game play so try your luck today using XFI. 

Try your luck on test XFI right now:


In conclusion, the utility and strategic emission control of the XFI token is central to its functionality within the CrossFi ecosystem. By capping emissions, reducing emission rates over time, burning tokens through transaction fees, and increasing demand via new users, XFI is poised to appreciate, making it an attractive asset for users. Within the CrossFi App and xAPP, XFI facilitates seamless financial transactions, enhances user autonomy over funds, and integrates with DeFi activities, broadening its usability across traditional and digital finance realms. This multifaceted approach not only maximizes the utility of XFI but also ensures its long-term viability and relevance in the evolving cryptoeconomic landscape. As the primary utility coin within the CrossFi Chain, XFI’s designed emission over 20 years supports the sustainable development of the platform’s services and applications, promising ongoing innovations and enhancements in crypto banking and beyond.


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