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Crypto trends 2024

Cross Finance scans the blockchain industry constantly for new trends and technologies. Let us share the biggest 6 trends for 2024.

  • Big hopes fly around Bitcoin prices

    2024 Bitcoin halving or 5th BTC epoch is approaching. Block rewards are cut in half roughly every 4 years.

    The halving of 2012 brought the price from $13 to $1152 in the following year, the halving of 2016 — from $664 to $17760, the halving of 2020 from $9734 to $67549.

    The milestone might push the price up once again, and the market is likely to follow.

  • Building bridges will become a major trend

    Blockchain interoperability is both the most challenging and the most promising part of the industry, making possible liquidity even more liquid.

    More bridges between TradFi and crypto assets will be built driving crypto closer to daily lives.

  • Crypto regulations are likely to become tighter

    In 2024, such regulations like EU MiCA will fully come into action. Regulators all around the globe are making their stances clearer.

    This trend is likely to provide more clarity and stability for all, but especially for institutional investors.

  • Institutions are likely to widen their crypto portfolio

    The largest banks already tried out the tech and made some profits: the World Bank, HSBC, BlackRock. 2023 started with Goldman Sachs issuing the first digital bond on a private blockchain and ending with PetroChina settling the first crude oil transaction with e-CNY (the Block Research).

    Following clearer regulations, approved ETFs and other factors 2024 will likely be a big crypto rally for institutional players.

    For example, the Bank of England already decided that supporting stablecoins might be beneficial for the real economy.

  • AI and Blockchain to fire up each other

    Blockchain can be used widely in the age of AI, for example, by helping recognize deep fakes, standing against AI-generated DDOS attacks. Also, blockchain can crack the black box, while bringing safer AI applications to the world, shares the Casper Labs.

    AI tech accelerates the pace of change in all industries, says E&Y report. Blockchain is no exception. Who knows, maybe AI will help developers find better answers to scalability issues.

  • New sectors: the more the merrier

    Many experts predict tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWAs), from art to real estate, might bring trillions of dollars onchain.

    New sectors are on the way: among the hottest topics, there are DeSoc (Social Media), DePIN (Physical Infrastructure Networks), and DeSci (science) per Messari Report.


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