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Cross Finance picks Bware Labs as its Infrastructure Partner
Uruba Niazi

VP of Marketing - Content

13 Feb 2024
1 min read

Cross Finance picks its infrastructure partner, Bware Labs, for its industry’s highest-performance and most reliable development tools and services.

Feb 13, 2024, San Francisco

Cross Finance, a next-generation digital ecosystem of cutting-edge payment solutions bridging the worlds of banking and blockchain, chose Bware Labs to support its blockchain, App, and dApps infrastructure. Bware Labs aims to tackle Web3 challenges by offering high-performance and reliable infrastructure services for builders, enterprises, blockchains, and app chains.

Cross Finance stands at the intersection of three industries: payments, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies, enabling non-custodial payment solutions. To make that a reality, Cross Finance has built its own blockchain, app, and dApps. It is a large ecosystem that works together to power users to pay with cryptocurrency, like a bank card. It runs on a DeFi structure that does not block funds, always keeping user’s assets secure. To start making transactions worldwide, users simply need to connect their non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet to the CrossFi APP and pay via the card or app.

To power this ecosystem, the Cross Finance team needed a future-proof and developer-friendly infrastructure provider that would be reliable and scalable across chains and platforms. Bware Labs offers the highest-performance RPC endpoints and programming SDKs, blockchain indexing, and snapshot services for developers. They provide infrastructure services for companies to build the best products for users. They have tooling and infrastructure services for blockchains to help adoption by the builder community. It is everything and more that we need in an infrastructure provider.

“Bware Labs is a clear choice when it comes to infra services for Web3." They are an established name in the Web3 space and support 30+ chains already. Their services are horizontal and run deep regarding tools and functionality for builders, blockchains, and enterprises. Their vision for an all-encompassing development ecosystem aligns perfectly with Cross Finance as we create an ecosystem for non-custodial payment solutions."

Alexander Mamasidikov

CEO, Chief ideologist & coordinator of the team

About Bware Labs

Bware Labs is on a mission to propel the global adoption of Web3 technology by providing top-tier infrastructure services and developer tools. Their vision is to create an all-encompassing ecosystem that nurtures and supports blockchain builders throughout their journey. Central to their ecosystem is the revolutionary Blast API, a subscription-based, multichain platform that has already garnered an impressive user base of 30k users and over 100 enterprise customers. What sets Blast API apart is its seamless integration with more than 60+ networks, including renowned names like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB chain, and Avalanche. This exceptional platform empowers developers by offering quick and easy access to various blockchain networks, unleashing the full potential of Web3 development.

Learn more about Bware Labs at: 

About Cross Finance

Cross Finance is a next-generation digital ecosystem of cutting-edge payment solutions, bridging the worlds of banking and blockchain. CrossFi seamlessly integrates these two pivotal segments of the global economy into a unified ecosystem, offering unparalleled scalability and processing speed of up to 1 million transactions per second through the core of the CrossFi Chain—a modular architecture based on Cosmos Tendermint. The Cross Finance foundation, rooted in Ethermint and Evmos, ensures interoperability between blockchains, transaction anonymity, and the integration of EVM-compatible DApps. The tandem operation of two native coins, MPX and XFI, fortifies CrossFi’s tokenomics foundation, providing users with a seamless and robust financial experience.


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